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Electrolysis is approved

Have you ever considered

becoming an Electrologist?


There are at least 10 great reasons to join this gratifying profession…….


  • In Massachusetts, you can be licensed to practice after completing 1100 hours of classroom or virtual instruction and passing the State Board Exam. This includes 600 hours of in-person practical training using all three methods of hair removal. The Electrology Program can take less than a year if you choose to attend full time, and part-time is also an option!

  • The cost of tuition is significantly less than a college degree with excellent earning potential.


  •  You can open your own practice or work for someone else.

  • The average electrologist charges $60 to $100 an hour, sometimes more depending on the local real estate market.


  • Your schedule is very flexible because you choose when and how many hours you would like to work - days, evenings or weekends!

  • Electrology is a rewarding profession. Meeting and getting to know your clients, developing relationships, and helping them achieve their goal of looking and feeling better is a gift that keeps on giving.

  • Starting your own practice is a minimal investment compared to other self- employment opportunities. Approximately $10,000 will get you started and as you develop your practice you can lease or purchase new equipment of your choosing to grow your business.

  •  There is currently one school in Massachusetts- The Electrology Institute of New England, located in Tewksbury, MA. More information is on the school’s website.

  •  The practice of Electrology has remained strong throughout recessions and life changing periods such as the Coronavirus Pandemic. Clients rely on our services and trust that we maintain high standard of practice for their care and safety.

  • As a professional Electrologist, you can join the Massachusetts Association of Electrologists. MAE members have access to local and national continuing education, advocacy, and strong peer support. Our philosophy is tried and true. We support you to keep the profession strong!


Only needle type Electrolysis is Universal and effective on any color skin or any color hair. With the new licensing, Electrologists in Massachusetts can now be licensed to provide both Electrology and laser/IPL. The two modalities truly complement each other.

Call any of our MAE Board Members if you think this profession is for you,

we would love to help get you started on your new journey!

Electrology Credentialing | Massachusetts Association of Electrologists (

Check out the State board website and google "electrology"

Another amazing resource is the Electrology Institute of New England.

Check out their website: Electrolysis Hair Removal Training | Electrology Institute of NE


Electrology Student
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