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     Eyebrow Shaping And Electrolysis
          The only Safe and Permanent Solution

Eyebrow Shaping with Electrolysis

When you see someone with meticulously kept eyebrows,

chances are they were done with electrolysis.

Their eyebrows have no stray hairs or shadow of dots under the skin.


They can go forever without tweezing, waxing or threading and the     brows still look amazing.


The line is perfect with pinpoint accuracy.

Once the series of treatments is completed, the results will last a lifetime. 

A lifetime of permanence. 

Q. Did you know when you pull out an eyebrow hair, it can take three or more months before that identical hair grows back?

A. This means that you are constantly tweezing different hairs every week, forever.  Why not consider committing to a permanent solution?

Q. Did you microblade your eyebrows but are still a slave to tweezing and feel that although the color and shape looks good, the brows never look totally clean?

A. Electrolysis is the answer. Long after the pigments have faded, our permanent solution remains.

If you are tired of tweezing or simply want perfect brows for the rest of your life, contact one of our MAE Electrologists 


Brows of Senior Woman
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