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Massachusetts Licensing for Electrologists

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts insists on the

highest standards in Electrology licensing. 

Our profession is governed by the State Board of Registration of Electrologists, a board which serves under the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure. Comprised of three Registered Electrologists, one medical doctor and one public member. This body functions under the umbrella of the Cosmetology and Barbering Board to address consumer safety and the safety of the members of the Electrology profession through establishing educational requirements, appropriate policy, and continuing education standards.

MA Requirements for the Practice of Electrology

A minimum training of 1100 hours, consisting of both didactic and practical education, is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the practice of Electrology. Upon successful completion of a course of study at a state approved Electrology school, each candidate must pass both a written and a practical State Board examination. Electrology licenses are renewed every two years, at which time the electrologist must have satisfied the continuing educational requirement of 10 hours (1.0 CEUs) for license renewal. For more information on what topics MUST be
included among those 10 hours (1.0 CEUs), please click on our link to the state website, below. Registered Electrologists must strictly adhere to the state statutes,rules and regulations governing the practice of Electrology.


Successful completion of the state examination results in the issuance of a state license which allows the candidate the designation of "Registered Electrologist". In recent years, the curriculum has been changed to include the hours needed to become a “Laser Electrologist” allowing Electrologists to expand their hair removal options.


MA Requirements for Becoming a Laser Electrologist

On May 4, 2015, the State Board governing Electrologists in Massachusetts changed the definition of electrolysis to include Laser or IPL as within the scope of our practice. This change in definition now refers to Laser or IPL by an electrologist as Laser Electrolysis. This change also eliminates the need for electrologists to have a separate room for laser or IPL treatments.
Electrolysis and Laser Electrolysis Definition Effective May 4, 2015: "The method of removing hair from the human body by the application of an electric current or any other form of energy to the hair papilla or other source of hair germination by means of a needle or any other instrument or device to cause decomposition, coagulation, dehydration, or other form of tissue destruction, to permanently disable the hair follicle from producing hair."  


To become a "Laser Electrologist:

  • A practicing Registered Electrologist must complete 30 hours of State Board approved training.

  • An Electrology student must complete 60 hours of Laser/IPL training which is now included as part of the 1100 hour Electrology training.

  • Electrologists who had practiced Laser or IPL hair removal under the supervision of a physician, prior to May 4, 2015, must complete 15 hours of Stare Board approved training to practice without a Medical Director.

  • Note: The hours of training obtained in Laser Electrolysis can qualify for continuing education units required for one license renewal period.


MA Requirements for Becoming an Instructor

Registered Electrologists who have actively practiced electrolysis in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for 5 years or more are eligible to take a state examination to become an Electrology Instructor. This examination is offered by the
State Board who upon application, will offer the test during the regular Electrology testing periods.
MA State Board of Registration of Electrologists

For Licensing   in Massachusetts please review the Mass. Department of Prof Licensure Policy Bulletin.

For further details, please review the MA State Board of Registration of Electrologists.

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