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The Massachusetts Association of Electrologists, Inc. (MAE) was chartered in 1950. We are a not-for-profit organization primarily dedicated to the continuing education of electrologists as a vehicle to maintain the highest level in practitioner conduct and service execution.

With a focus on public safety, our mission is to disseminate information, provide a fertile forum for the exchange of ideas, and promote the highest standards of the practice of electrolysis. Membership in this organization is comprised of professional practitioners of needle electrolysis.



Dear Massachusetts Electrologists:

The Massachusetts Association of Electrologists, Inc. is supporting Marian Bellino Saluto for the State position MA Electrology Board. MAE: recognize that Marion has given time and energy to help in the electrolysis world as you read her achievements you will know that she has given a lot of time and energy to everything that she does. Marian has attended many state meetings to keep us informed of what was being talked about at these meetings, and she has also worked to get Laser approved. Marian has never missed a state meeting to make sure that we were always represented and she did awesome job. I'm very proud to know Marian and to support her.

Sincerely Linda Perry, RE, RI
President, Massachusetts Association of Electrologists

Marian Bellino Saluto's Letter to Carlo Basile, Chief Secretary, Massachusetts State House

Marian Bellino Saluto's Mission Statement

A Letter to Electrologists


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